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Senior Safety Questions & Answers

What percentage of seniors have accidents?

opening quoteAccording to the Center of Disease Control, more than 33% of all people aged 65 and older have an accident at their home.closing quote

Do seniors get burglarized?

opening quoteYes, seniors do get burglarized. Its best to protect yourself with a senior alert button or home security system.closing quote

Can Medical Alert Systems lower my insurance costs?

opening quoteThey can depending on your provider. You should call your provider and find out.closing quote

There are so many medical alert systems out there. Which is right for me?

opening quoteIt can be a source of consternation for anyone trying to find the right plan. SeniorAlertButton can help you find the right plan for you in your area at an affordable price.closing quote

Top Safety Tips for Seniors

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Home Safety Tip #1

Get a Medical Alert System.
First and foremost, protect yourself and your family with a medical alert system. The majority of them offer 24/7 monitoring and are priced around $1/day. Get peace of mind with a click of a button.
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Home Safety Tip #2

Senior Alert Buttons Save lives.
Senior Alert Buttons can save lives so always wear them. Whether outside or washing dishes, either wear your neck, wrist, or ankle bracelet. In case of an accident or medical emergency, the button with get you help immediately.
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Home Safety Tip #3

Talk to your Doctor and Caregiver.
Your doctor or caregiver have insights into medical alert systems and can assist you in finding the right system for you. They understand your needs and can tell whatís appropriate for your situation.
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Home Safety Tip #4

Donít Panic, Be Prepared.
In case of emergency, you should prepare yourself. Have all emergency numbers and supplies accessible. And of course, always when your senior alert button!

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