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Compare Medical Alert Systems in Connecticut

Medical Guardian
Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is one of the top rated companies providing medical alert systems for seniors. With 24/7 support and service, Medical Guardian has saved lives time and time again with their realiable service, strong products, and great response rates.
ADT Medical Alert
ADT Medical Alert

ADT Health provides premier service and technology being the largest company to offer a personal emergency response system in addition to their home security systems. The ADT health brand currently provides both security, safety, and peace of mind for tons of families, seniors, and elderly across the U.S.
Alert One
Alert One
Alert One is a great medical alert system for an affordable price. Alert One prides itself on providing great products for a cheaper price, making it one of the most cost effective medical alert systems for seniors on the market. Alert One has cut down on their activaction and installation fees to bring down the cost of their medical alert system
Mobile Help
Mobile Help> MobileHelp provides a GPS monitoring services for increased independence in your life. Mobile Help is a great services and product that comes with a small activation fee, but if you're on the go or looking for a mobile medical alert provider, Mobile Help is a good one to consider.
LifeLine Philips Lifeline’s medical alert system has good distance, solid support, forward-thinking technology in it's fall alert detection system and sturdy well made alert buttons. While this system can get expensive, it does provide great value for it's customers with a solid brand behind the product and high quality medical alarm devices.
Bay Medical Alarm
Bay Alarm Medical Bay Alarm is an established medical alarm company for seniors that provides good customer service, medical alert and fall alert support, and a good alert button device that is tiny and protected if it falls in water. The Bay Alarm has great distance in it's quoted 1,000 feet distance. It's also great for internation clients in that it works in all types of languages. However, keep into consideration that this device does not have the new fall detection technology. As with the others, Bay Alarm does provide a solid service, but due to it's limitations it doesn't receive our highest score.
Lifefone medical alert
LifeFone is a good medical alert provider at a low cost that offers medical alert devices for senior citizens all across the world with a range of over 1,000 feet. Similar to Bay Alarm medical, life fone doesn't provide it's customers with a fall-detection system within the alert system. Still they are rated high due to great no hassle contracts, good support for clients and a great monitoring device for seniors that has been trusted by doctors and care givers.
MediPendant Alert System
MediPendant is also a good company with regards to Medic Alert Systems. Their system is fast to alert a Medic in your area and their pendants allow you to make the call yourself after hitting the button in case of an emergency. MediPendant provides a good system and is a solid choice, but not our top choice for medical alert systems. Having their system with a lower range to the portal is a little more risky in case an emergency fall or medical issue happens outside the range of the alert device. In addition to a higher cost med alert system, this device and alarm system isn't our preferred.
Lifestation Medical Alert
Lifestation has great phone call support for both new customers and existing customers. They have been establish in the personal alarm and medical response business for a while and provide a good service to seniors across America. Get a quote today and you can get free delivery of your LifeStation including free medical alert system equipment to setup. While we value their reputation in the business, we've seen the Life station can only support a range of 400 feet compared to some of the best medical alert companies which can deliver range of over 1,200 feet.

Looking for a Medical Alert System in Connecticut?

Medical Alert System If you're a senior or you just have an important senior family member who has decided to maintain their independence by living alone or with a spouse, yet they would still like the comfort of knowing someone is looking out for them. Then you have decided to finally buy a medical alert system, but you don’t know where to start to find the right company for you. Well, you can get free quotes from top companies at Senior Alert Button.

Pretty much every company works the same – you are given a medical alert pendant or bracelet, as well as a base unit that you place in a centralized room in your house. In the event of a fall or a medical emergency, you press the button on the pendant and a wireless signal is sent to the base unit. The unit, which is hooked up to your telephone line, automatically places a phone call to a monitoring center.

You will then be able to communicate directly with the operator, telling the monitor exactly what is wrong, whether it is chest pains, an attack of another medical condition, or if you’ve just fallen and cannot get up. He or she will call for an ambulance for you, and within minutes help will be at your doorstep. It is as simple as that.

medical alert system free quote There are dozens of companies that provide this type of service – which one should you choose? You can start by visiting U.S. Home Security Quotes, which compares competitors in this growing field. You can check the prices of such big names as ADT and Lifeline, as well as smaller, more local companies which may serve you better.

Now, we’ll explain why it’s better to get free quotes from us. We ask the pertinent questions to narrow down the companies so we can provide you with the best match possible. You can also save on medical alert if you go through Senior Alert Button. It is an all-in-one website that will point you in the right direction.

By looking at all of the details of each company, including price and what type of protection they offer, you will be able to decide which one will best meet your individual needs. Companies offer different services, so what is right for one person might not be right for you. Another great resource for reviews on medical alert systems is Medical Alert Comparison.

Whichever company you choose, you should expect to pay around $25 per month, give or take $5 or $10, for 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring. Some companies also charge a one-time installation or set-up fee. There are other companies that don’t charge every month – you pay once, and that is it. You can decide which plan suits you best.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that many seniors live on a fixed budget (and Medicare doesn’t pay for medical alert systems), but isn’t paying around a dollar a day worth it just for the peace of mind that if something tragic does happen, help is just a press of a button away? Can you really put a price on that?

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