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SeniorAlertButton is an online service connecting consumers with medical alert system providers. We partner with top rated, national providers to get you the best coverage in your area. The founders of SeniorAlertButton built the service because of a personal need: Our parents were independent but were at age where they needed security. We searched for an adequate plan in their area but had difficulty finding one. Thatís when we created SeniorAlertButton. We built it so that others in the same situation could find the right service for them easily and for free.
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At SeniorAlertButton, we have partnerships with best in class medical alert system providers which helps you Compare Medical Alert Systems. We offer you the ability to compare and contrast each service offered in your area. All one needs to do is input their information and youíll be presented with a list of providers based on price, service, and contract length. From there, you make an educated decision on which plan to purchase. With so many providers out there, its difficult to find the right one for you. With SeniorAlertButton, you can!
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Attention Parents and Seniors: One out of three adults age 65 and older falls each year. Donít Wait until its Too Late! For as little as $1/day, you and your loved ones can get peace of mind knowing that someone will be there in case of any emergency, whether medical, home, or fire. With the touch of a button, medical alert systems help seniors live independent lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One out of three adults age 65 and older falls each year. When seniors use Medical Alert Systems it can help protect them by providing medical monitoring, gps mobile alert tracking, and fall detection to detect their fall and safety. Take it from us, its worth it to educate yourself on your all of options. SeniorAlertButton is here to help you and your family live life worry free.

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opening quoteMy mother is great. Sheís 66, retired, active and healthy. She lives alone now and has been for a couple years. Even though I live in the area, Iím always busy. Iím married with children and when Iím not at work or with the kids, I basically have no time. Thatís when I came across Senior Alert Button. At first I was a bit skeptical as I didnít think my mother needed this. But when she fell in the kitchen I got worried. Sheís fine now but it just makes me feel alot better that someone else is looking after her if Iím not aroundclosing quote

Sarah Goldstein, Irvine CA

opening quoteIím 72 yrs old and have been married now for 43 years. I can still remember my wedding night and honeymoon in Hawaii. Iím older now and so is my husband. My husband is now 78 and has had health complications these last few years. After the surgery, he had a tough time getting around the house. Iím busy with my part time job at the library so his caregiver recommended we get his and hers medical alert devices. But where do we start? Iíve used the internet before but SeniorAlertButton made it very easy for us to find a service offered in our area and in our price range. Thank you SeniorAlertButton!Ē closing quote

Gwen Simpson, Scranton, PA

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SeniorAlertButton keeps you updated with the latest technological advances pertaining to the medical alert system industry. Whether its 24/7 monitoring, mobile/internet access, waterproof emergency buttons, portable power supplies, SeniorAlertButton can determine whatís best for you. With a multitude of plans starting at less than a $1/day, its behooves to understand what youíre getting. Itís never too late to find peace of mind and have family security.[ learn more ]

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Stay Active and eat right! Take care of yourself and let SeniorAlertButton do the rest. The holidays are always right around the corner and SeniorAlertButton wants to make sure youíre ready to endure the level of activity that comes along with it: Spending time with your children, Tricking or Treating with your grand children, spending Thanksgiving together. We want everyone to know weíre thinking of you and hope you have a wonderful and safe experience with your family.[ learn more ]

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